​​The Southern Ohio Holistic and Wellness Center

Welcome Dear friends. We would like to introduce ourselves to you and also extend an open hand

and heart your way in this first of many newsletters to come.

We are The Southern Ohio Holistic Health and Wellness Center http://www.SouthernOhioHolisticWellnesscenter.com/.

Located six blocks from Austin Landing and Interstate 75 and right off Austin Blvd., at 10501 Success Lane, Dayton, OH 45458.


Valerie Hoffman – Hypnotist/Past Life Regression//Hypnosis Trainer

Bill Hoffman – Managing Director – Hypnotist/Hypnosis Trainer - Psychic and Holistic Fair

John Teeuw – Shamanic Breath Work Healer and Facilitator/Life Coach

Richard Amoury – Hypnotist/Bars Massage and (EFT)Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner


Who We Are

We are a group which has come together for the purpose of helping you with a variety of healing practices, ideas, remedies and loving intentions to make this world a better place. You could say we are an answer to your call, for if there were not a need, we would not exist. Even if you don't personally need healing or better health, we know we have a grand purpose here and one of those purposes is to extend more love, kindness, and peace to those around us. As we heal ourselves, we are healing the world, one thought, one action and one intention at a time.

So this is where we are in this moment in time, to present our services to you, to work with you, share with you and laugh and play with you. One of the things we'd like to do here is to invite you to explore your own healing and helping abilities. Where is your heart leading you now? Is compassion, fellowship, care for others and loving intentions a part of your journey as well? What can we contribute to the world together? Tell us if you think we're a good fit and what your contribution could be. We have the room if you have the time and talent for helping others. Yes, you can rent a room from us but it's so much more than that. You'll become part of a growing family of healers and helpers that are changing the world, and raising the consciousness for everyone. Space is limited though, so the sooner you contact us the better. Currently, our rooms are available for hourly, daily and monthly rent. We will keep you informed of the availability through these monthly newsletters.

A Gift For You

Here's an exercise that will help you in this area,

Do this right now: lower your barriers, your walls, your defenses, just keep lowering them. Take them all down just for this exercise and allow the Universe/God/Your Creator to speak to you about what your purpose is here. Just allow the energy of the question to lead you to a small voice or nudge, or even just a thought that might pop into your head. The Universe will tell you much if you just make an attempt to listen. Keep listening, and know there is a place for you, and there is a purpose you are right here, right now. You are a creator whether you believe it or not, and every thought you have is creating something this very moment. Ask yourself, “what am I thinking and creating right now”? What is my ideal life, and what am I thinking to create it?

Next month we'll be sharing another gift with you along with a talk about one of our other practices and some more helpful tips for you to grow with. That's why we're here after all.

A Special Offer For You!

As a special offering to you in this letter, we have decided to offer you the opportunity to purchase sessions at a great discount, to use from any of our partner members. The way it works is,

you purchase the sessions for $50.00 and make your appointments with whichever practitioner you desire. All the phone numbers and email addresses are listed on our websites and also on our Holistic web page. As we find other practitioners to join in, we'll also offer their services to you at the same great rate. In effect, you receive a great rate and have a variety of services to choose from. Why look for deals when we have one right here for you?

Listed below are some of the services and practices that are currently a part of our group.

As we grow, there will be more, many more.

The future is bright with many possibilities and creations just waiting for you to discover. As we grow, you'll grow with us . Allow us to be your go-to source for all Holistic needs and reference.

The Southern Ohio Psychic and Holistic Fair

Wayne Holmes – Religious Recovery

These are just some of our associates. As your Holistic Healing Reference and guide, we will keep you informed and alerted to every new and emerging practice as we discover and explore it.

That's what we're about and that's how we roll!!

See you next month :)